New Indonesian Food in Lucky Plaza: Paris Van Java

If you’re hankering for some serious Indonesian food —think flavorful nasi goreng and mie bakso—look no further than the fresh joint, Paris Van Java, nestled on the ground floor of Lucky Plaza.

The Scoop on Paris Van Java

Run by a passionate Indonesian lady in her forties (who prefers to keep her name low-key), this 60-seater gem is her brainchild. The fancy name isn’t just for show—it’s a nod to her hometown, Bandung, dubbed “Paris of Java” during colonial times for its resemblance to the French capital.

Style and Vibes

Step inside and you’ll dig the modern, chic vibes—picture a bit of % Arabica’s color play. Brightly-lit booths and tables set the scene for your feast.

Bringing Indo Flavors to SG

The backstory? This lady loves to cook and wanted to bring a slice of authentic Indonesian food fare to Singapore. It’s her first dive into the F&B scene, but her recipes? Legit. They’re straight from her roots, passed down from her kitchen to yours.

She might not be whipping up dishes daily, but she’s trained her kitchen crew to nail her recipes. And she swings by regularly to make sure they’re on point.

Feast on Mie Bakso and Nasi Goreng

Now, about the menu. It’s not a novel, but it’s solid. Try the mie bakso yamin—dry-style noodles and homemade beef balls jazzed up with shallots and beansprouts. They sling it with Indonesia-imported kecap manis (that sweet soy sauce magic) or light soy sauce for $13.80.

Their twist? Swap the usual noodles for mee pok—gotta keep things interesting, right?

Then there’s the nasi goreng trio: Nasi Goreng Cabe Ijo ($12.80) with green chili sambal and all the fixings, Nasi Goreng Kampong ($13.80) packing a fried chicken thigh, and Nasi Goreng Kambing ($13.80) fired up with shredded lamb.

Each plate comes with achar and belinjo crackers on the side—authentic flavors all the way from Indonesia.

Java-Style Coffee Buzz

Coffee lovers, they’ve got you covered with fancy Sumatran brews—think Latte ($5.80), Cappuccino ($5.80), and Espresso ($5.30). Not into coffee? They’ve got tea, lemonade, and grass jelly starting from $6.30.


Ordering’s a breeze—just QR code it up, and a server will hook you up with your Indo feast.

So, if you’re craving a taste of Indonesia right here in SG, Paris Van Java might just become your new haunt.