Rekkles Scores Big: T1 Academy Grabs First Win!

Rekkles Scores Big: T1 Academy Grabs First Win!

Hey there, gaming pals! Time to spill the beans on the latest buzz from the League of Legends arena. Our main man, Carl ‘Rekkles’ Larsson, has made some serious waves with T1 Academy, bagging their first win of the season. And guess what? Rekkles threw in a curveball by switching things up!

T1 Academy’s Rocky Ride

So, the 2024 season hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park for T1 Academy and Rekkles. They kicked things off with a bit of a struggle, not grabbing a win in the first two weeks of LCK Challengers. Yep, T1 found themselves as the only team without a victory. Tough break!

Rekkles, the Underdog Hero

Hold your horses before pointing fingers at Rekkles. Despite the team facing some hurdles, our man Rekkles has been doing his thing in the support role. He’s rocking one of the highest KDAs in the league, and to top it off, he’s snatched the Player of the Game title multiple times. Now, that’s what I call bouncing back!

Turning the Tables Against DRX Challengers

Finally, a breakthrough for T1 Academy on January 29, 2024, facing off against DRX Challengers. In a nail-biting three-game series, T1 clinched the victory with a 2-1 score. It’s about time, right?

Rekkles Takes the Spotlight

Now, here’s where it gets spicy. Rekkles, our support star, threw everyone for a loop – he went back to his roots as an ADC (Attack Damage Carry). In the second game, he locked in Varus and teamed up with Sin ‘Smash’ Geum-jae on Rumble in the bot lane. Both players took on supportive roles, but Rekkles, being the ADC maestro, ended the game with the most CS (Creep Score) and stood as the main ranged AD threat on his squad. Sadly, T1 didn’t grab the win in that SLOTJARWO game, but it sure shook things up.

Rekkles MVP in the Decisive Match

Let’s talk about that sweet taste of victory. In the third and deciding game, Rekkles stole the show and snagged the MVP title. The win against DRX Challengers marked a turning point, proving that he isn’t just a support wizard – he’s a powerhouse in any role.

What’s Next for T1?

With 13 more matches in the league, T1 still has a bunch of opportunities to climb the ranks and aim for the Spring Playoffs. Rekkles might have faced a bumpy start in the South Korean league, but this win could be the spark that sets off a trail of success for the European legend in Asia.

In a Nutshell

Rekkles and T1 Academy’s journey has been a rollercoaster so far, and this recent win adds an exciting twist to the tale. As the season unfolds, keep your eyes peeled for the ever-evolving dynamics of T1 and their versatile star, Rekkles. Will we see more surprises, role swaps, and epic victories? Buckle up, League of Legends fans – the adventure is just getting started!

The Ultimate Guide to the VR11 Wonder Weapon in MW3 Zombies

The Ultimate Guide to the VR11 Wonder Weapon in MW3 Zombies

Ready to up your game in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombies (MW3)? The undead are no joke, but guess what? We’ve got a secret weapon up our sleeves—the VR11 Wonder Weapon. It’s a game-changer, a zombie-buster extraordinaire. But hold on tight; it’s not just lying around for the taking. Nope, you’ve got to earn it, and we’ve got your back with the step-by-step lowdown.

Welcome to the World of Wonder Weapons

Before we dive into the epic VR11 hunt, let’s talk wonder weapons. In MW3 Zombies, these aren’t your regular run-of-the-mill guns. Oh no! They’re the stuff legends are made of, designed for serious zombie-busting action. And the VR11? It’s the cream of the crop, the VIP of wonder weapons. But heads up—it’s no cakewalk to get your hands on this beauty.

Seasonal Update: Zombies Get a Dash of Spice

MW3 Zombies got a serious upgrade with a killer seasonal update. New missions, new tiers—it was a whole new ball game. Suddenly, the undead weren’t the only stars of the show. But, and it’s a big but, the VR11 isn’t handed out like candy on Halloween. Nope, you’ve got to earn it, and we’re about to spill the beans on exactly how you can make it yours.

Embarking on the VR11 Wonder Weapon Quest

So, you’re amped up and ready to roll on the VR11 Wonder Weapon quest. Good call! Just a heads-up—it’s a challenge, but fear not, it’s totally doable. Grab your squad because teamwork is the name of the game, especially in a world overrun by zombies.

Unlocking the Right Map for VR11

First things first, set your sights on the right map. The VR11 has a favorite haunt, and it’s the “Call of the Dead” map. Load it up, round up your zombie-slaying crew, and let the adventure begin.

Points and Door-Cracking Extravaganza

Points are your golden ticket to wonder weapon glory. Channel your inner points ninja by taking down zombies and cracking open doors. Yeah, it’s time to hustle. Once your pockets are heavy with points, start popping those doors that lead to the VR11. It won’t come to you; you’ve got to go get it.

The Mystery Box Adventure

Now, enter the Mystery Box scene—a wonder weapon jackpot. Hunt it down, spend those hard-earned points, and cross all your fingers and toes. The VR11 might just be waiting for its grand entrance. But here’s the deal—it’s a gamble, and patience is your best buddy in this game.

Power Up the Perks

Heroes gear up before a big battle, right? Same goes for your VR11 quest. Power up those perks to supercharge your chances of survival and, more importantly, snagging that wonder SLOTBANGJAGO weapon.

The VR11 Unveiling

You’ve followed the steps, faced hordes of zombies, and powered up like a champ. It’s showtime. The VR11 is stepping out of the shadows and into your grasp. Grab it, feel its power, and watch those zombies scatter. Victory dance time!

In Conclusion: Zombie Boss Status Achieved

There you have it, fellow zombie hunters! The VR11 Wonder Weapon is officially in your arsenal. The undead better watch out because you’ve just leveled up. It’s no walk in the park, but with teamwork, points, and a sprinkle of luck, victory is yours. Now go out there, survive, and show those zombies who’s the real boss!

The First Berserker: Khazan - Unleash Your Fury in a Solo Adventure!

The First Berserker: Khazan – Unleash Your Fury in a Solo Adventure!

Do you remember how exciting Dungeon & Fighter was? Get ready, because it’s getting a solo sequel, and it’s going to change everything: meet Khazan, The First Berserker! Get ready for an epic journey by yourself full of fights that will pump your adrenaline, epic loot, and a story that will make your heart race.

Meet Aella, the Khazan brave berserker, in Solo Warrior Adventure!

Dungeon & Fighter fans, get ready for a change from working together to going it alone! You take on the role of Aella, a Berserker who is more than just a fighter; she’s a natural force. Aella is here to change what it means to be furious with huge weapons that make normal swords look like toothpicks. Huge axes, hammers that explode, and enough anger to light up the night – BOOM!

Master of Hack & Slash: A Dance of Destruction!

Khazan isn’t just fights; it’s an orchestra of destruction. Imagine moving smoothly between enemies and dodging their attacks with ease, and then BAM! Set off a storm of strong attacks, stringing them together faster than Fourth of July fireworks, and watch your enemies fly away. It’s not just a game success to master your Berserker skills; it’s like reaching a new level in life’s big adventure (without the skull smashing, of course).

Lots of loot: improve your berserker style!

In Khazan, every fight isn’t just about beating bad guys; it’s also about getting loot, and it’s heaven! Imagine getting legendary items like guns and armor that make you a better fighter and legendary items that give you superpowers. Now, picture designing your Aella to become the ultimate Berserker—a steel and fury-filled tornado that rips through enemies like they’re paper (but don’t try to tear your homework, please).

Find out what’s going on in the DNF universe. Hold on!

Khazan isn’t just a mindless fight game; it’s a trip full of secrets waiting to be found. Dive into a deep story full of KLIK88SLOT old secrets, forgotten gods, and maybe even a few friendly dragons (okay, not dragons, but something just as cool). As you uncover the mysterious mysteries of the DNF world, you’ll discover ruins, work out challenging puzzles, and meet characters that will stay with you.

You’re about to get something epic on your console.

Hold on to your chairs, because The First Berserker: Khazan is still being worked on. It’s an epic journey that will definitely leave a mark. While we don’t know the exact date yet, trust us when we say that the wait will be worth it. Get your weapons ready, feel like a Berserker, and get ready to attack the game world with all your might. Khazan is on the way, and it’s not just a game—it’s the beginning of a famous video game story!

The First Berserker: Khazan looks like it will be a great game for people who like to explore dungeons because it combines solo power, fierce battle, and an interesting story. Get ready for a trip by yourself like never before!


New Indonesian Food in Lucky Plaza: Paris Van Java

If you’re hankering for some serious Indonesian food —think flavorful nasi goreng and mie bakso—look no further than the fresh joint, Paris Van Java, nestled on the ground floor of Lucky Plaza.

The Scoop on Paris Van Java

Run by a passionate Indonesian lady in her forties (who prefers to keep her name low-key), this 60-seater gem is her brainchild. The fancy name isn’t just for show—it’s a nod to her hometown, Bandung, dubbed “Paris of Java” during colonial times for its resemblance to the French capital.

Style and Vibes

Step inside and you’ll dig the modern, chic vibes—picture a bit of % Arabica’s color play. Brightly-lit booths and tables set the scene for your feast.

Bringing Indo Flavors to SG

The backstory? This lady loves to cook and wanted to bring a slice of authentic Indonesian food fare to Singapore. It’s her first dive into the F&B scene, but her recipes? Legit. They’re straight from her roots, passed down from her kitchen to yours.

She might not be whipping up dishes daily, but she’s trained her kitchen crew to nail her recipes. And she swings by regularly to make sure they’re on point.

Feast on Mie Bakso and Nasi Goreng

Now, about the menu. It’s not a novel, but it’s solid. Try the mie bakso yamin—dry-style noodles and homemade beef balls jazzed up with shallots and beansprouts. They sling it with Indonesia-imported kecap manis (that sweet soy sauce magic) or light soy sauce for $13.80.

Their twist? Swap the usual noodles for mee pok—gotta keep things interesting, right?

Then there’s the nasi goreng trio: Nasi Goreng Cabe Ijo ($12.80) with green chili sambal and all the fixings, Nasi Goreng Kampong ($13.80) packing a fried chicken thigh, and Nasi Goreng Kambing ($13.80) fired up with shredded lamb.

Each plate comes with achar and belinjo crackers on the side—authentic flavors all the way from Indonesia.

Java-Style Coffee Buzz

Coffee lovers, they’ve got you covered with fancy Sumatran brews—think Latte ($5.80), Cappuccino ($5.80), and Espresso ($5.30). Not into coffee? They’ve got tea, lemonade, and grass jelly starting from $6.30.


Ordering’s a breeze—just QR code it up, and a server will hook you up with your Indo feast.

So, if you’re craving a taste of Indonesia right here in SG, Paris Van Java might just become your new haunt.

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme Sweet Sell-Off

Krispy Kreme is on the move again. This time, it’s not about the doughnuts; it’s about their late-night companion, Insomnia Cookies. Krispy is looking to sell its majority stake in Insomnia Cookies. Here’s the story in the land of sweet treats.

A Shift in Focus

Krispy Kreme, the iconic doughnut maker, is eyeing some strategic changes. They’re considering various options, including a full-cash sale of their majority share in Insomnia Cookies. Why? It’s all about getting back to their doughnut roots.

Bite-Sized History

Back in 2018, Krispy Kreme took the majority slice of Insomnia Cookies. The deal got the backing of JAB Holding, a European investment firm. This acquisition clocked in at less than $500 million, according to sources. But times change, and now Krispy is rethinking this cookie-doughnut combo.

Successful Sweets

Krispy Kreme CEO Mike Tattersfield noted that the partnership with Insomnia Cookies was all about boosting e-commerce, digital capabilities, and helping the cookie chain spread its wings both in the U.S. and internationally. Mission accomplished. Now, it’s time for the next chapter.

Krispy Kreme’s Second Go-Round

Krispy Kreme made a sweet return to the public market in 2021. The implied value? A whopping $2.7 billion. This followed their initial public offering back in 2000, but the company went private again in 2016 when JAB Holding took the reins.

Late-Night Cookies Rising

Insomnia Cookies, founded in 2003 by Seth Berkowitz, a student at the University of Pennsylvania, is known for its cookies that satisfy cravings well into the early morning hours. They’re often strategically located near college campuses, providing students with a sugar rush during their late-night study sessions. The chain has had quite the growth spurt, with revenue tripling since 2017, according to Krispy Kreme. In 2018, they had around 135 locations; now, they’re at 250 and counting.

The Sweet Farewell

Seth Berkowitz, the CEO of Insomnia Cookies, expressed his gratitude for the partnership with Krispy Kreme during this period of incredible growth. As Krispy takes this strategic step, it marks the end of an era of sweet collaboration.

So, while the Krispy Kreme doughnuts will keep rolling, the future of Insomnia Cookies is poised for a fresh batch of possibilities.


anti hangover soup

Anti-Hangover Soups: Getting Rid of the Post-Party Blues the Korean Way

If you’re a big fan of Korean dramas, you’ve probably seen characters enjoying a drink or two quite often. And when it comes to getting rid of the inevitable hangover, the secret weapon is none other than the famous anti-hangover soups. No need to argue about it—drinking is totally legal in Korea for folks who are 20 and up.

The word “pengar” might make some people in Indonesia go, “Huh?”, but for those who are obsessed with Korean dramas, it’s something they know all about. “Pengar” is actually in the KBBI (Great Dictionary of the Indonesian Language) and it means feeling dizzy after a rough sleep or a wild night out. So, like, in Korean dramas, when the characters have a wild night of partying, they eat this special soup that totally makes them feel awesome the next morning. It’s like magic, man!

The Drinking Scene in Dramas: A Theme That Keeps Popping Up

K-dramas always have scenes where characters are totally indulging in the good stuff. These scenes are all mixed up with different life stuff—like going through a breakup, grabbing a bite with coworkers, celebrating special moments, hanging out with buddies, making friendly bets, and lots of other things.

The fun things, like when the characters drunk and start doing silly stuff. They would never do when they’re sober. It adds a hilarious twist to the story. Hey, what’s the deal with those Korean anti-hangover soups? Let’s dive into the awesome world of these cozy bowls.

1. Haejangguk: The Best Hangover Cure

Haejangguk is like this traditional Korean thing you eat when you’re super hungover from a wild night of partying. So basically, you’ve got beef leg bones, coagulated ox blood, and cow intestines all mixed together with soybean paste. Yum! This dish is like super old-school, dating all the way back to the Joseon Dynasty.

2. Samgyetang: The Ginseng Magic for Anti-Hangover Soups

Samgyetang is like, the ultimate Korean ginseng chicken soup. It’s super legit and works for anti-hangover soups. What’s cool about it is the whole chicken, boiled on a low flame for like 2-3 hours until it gets all tender and stuff. We throw in some glutinous rice and garlic into the chicken. And then, the seasoning has ginseng, garlic, ginger, scallions, and Korean dates or jujube.

3. Sundubu-jjigae: Tofu Magic in a Pot, You Know these Anti-Hangover Soups?

Sundubu-jjigae is this awesome Korean tofu stew that totally steals the show in the drama “Itaewon Class.” So, get this – even though it’s called a tofu soup, it’s not just about tofu and eggs. And then, they actually throw in some tasty seafood too. Pretty cool, right?

4. Kongnamul Guk: The Easy-Peasy Bean Sprout Comfort

Kongnamul guk, or bean sprout soup, is a simple dish made with basic stuff like bean sprouts, garlic, scallions, sliced chili, salt, and water. It tastes super good and is so easy to make.

5. Jjamppong: The Spicy Seafood Jam

Jjamppong is a super spicy Korean noodle soup. The pack made from a mix of yummy seafood. So, Jjamppong is actually a name that comes from China. It’s like a mix of cultures because it’s derived from the Japanese word “jampon.” Pretty cool, huh? It’s super spicy and cozy vibes make it great for easing the effects of “pengar.” Seafood options can be different, but for the full Jjamppong experience, you gotta have abalone, squid, octopus, shrimp, and clams. Hey, just a heads up: Make sure to watch your cholesterol levels if you go for the special Jjamppong.

These soups aren’t just for fixing hangovers, they’re good for other times too. You can totally cherish and savor them as part of your everyday cooking adventures. Hey, if you’re interested in checking out these Korean specialties, you don’t have to wait for someone to get drunk and have a good time. Finally, anytime is the perfect time to start cooking and enjoying these awesome anti-hangover soups.


jongga kimchi london

Jongga, Daesang Kimchi Brand, Opens in London

London is getting a taste of South Korea’s cuisine. Daesang Corp., a major South Korean food maker, aims to open a Jongga pop-up shop in central London. This gastronomic adventure promises to thrill Londoners and tourists wanting to sample South Korean cuisine.

Delicious “Flavourverse” at Covent Garden

The Jongga pop-up shop in Covent Garden will be more than a culinary adventure from September 16th to October 8th. It introduces “Flavourverse,” a clever mix of “Flavour” and “Multiverse.” This novel technique intends to provide an engaging arena for the worldwide MZ generation—born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s—to explore a variety of cuisines.

Jongga World Discovery: A Kimchi Extravaganza

Jongga, known for its high-quality kimchi, invites guests to experience South Korean cuisine. Visitors to the pop-up shop may sample a variety of carefully made kimchi. Jongga has tastes for every taste, from spicy to mild and tangy.

London Shines: Jongga Takes Center Stage

Daesang will light up Leicester Square with Jongga ads to celebrate the pop-up store’s launch. This stunning exhibit shows the company’s dedication to exposing Londoners to Korean kimchi.

Bonding with the MZ Generation via Food

Daesang Corp. has big ambitions for Jongga in Europe, and the UK is a key launchpad. The company’s relationship with Europe’s MZ generation has improved with the Covent Garden pop-up shop. Daesang hopes to expand its European presence by offering kimchi fans a variety of tastes offline.

Increasing European Kimchi Demand: A Culinary Revolution

The Jongga pop-up shop in London is relevant and representative of Europe’s changing culinary environment. In July, the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames in London declared “Kimchi Day” for the first time in Europe, demonstrating the region’s growing love of Korean food. Europe is becoming a new kimchi market, with the Netherlands and UK among the top five importers from Korea.

Fulfilling Europe’s Cravings: Kimchi’s Rise

The growing demand for kimchi in Europe is well known to Daesang Corp. Korean kimchi exports to Europe have grown by nearly 17% annually since 2017. This incredible demand shows that Korean cuisine can win over Europeans.

The Jongga pop-up shop brings Korean food to Covent Garden and showcases kimchi’s worldwide appeal. Kimchi transcends geography due to its various tastes, rich cultural background, and worldwide appeal. It brings together people from different backgrounds who appreciate great meals.

Finally, Daesang Corp.’s Jongga pop-up shop in London is a celebration of tastes, a connection between cultures, and an invitation to discover kimchi’s enthralling universe. The gastronomic scene of London and Europe will be forever changed by this excursion.


Explore Ganjang Gejang: South Korea's Viral Raw Crab Dish

Explore Ganjang Gejang: South Korea’s Viral Raw Crab Dish

Recently, social media saw a culinary craze that captivated foodies globe. This culinary buzz was about “Ganjang Gejang.” The food is a beloved South Korean dish. It’s not only a tasty treat, but a popular street snack in South Korea.

Ganjang Gejang Unveiling

What is Ganjang Gejang? Raw crab is the basis of the food. Soy sauce or ganjang ferments this particular ingredient before it is eaten. South Korean fermented foods, called “jeotgal,” are made from shellfish.

A History of Ganjang Gejang

Explore Ganjang Gejang: South Korea's Viral Raw Crab Dish

Ganjang Gejang tastes well with rice and nori, which is typical of jeotgal-based foods. This dish is called “Gejang” because “Ge” means crab and “Jang” means sauce or flavour.

Gejang is traditionally made by marinating fresh crab in soy sauce. Some adventurous eaters choose live crabs in “Ganjang Gejang.” The spicier “Yangnyeom Gejang” immerses fresh crabs in chilli powder.

These food was originally made from the chamge crab, or Chinese Mitten Crab. However, when chamge crab populations dwindled, South Koreans sought alternatives. This search led them to try horse and Asian paddle crabs.

Ganjang Gejang’s main flavour is a delightful umami. Its beauty is enhance with crab roe and mustard, creating a gourmet symphony. Ganjang Gejang made with chamge crabs smells stronger.

Due to its thick shell, chamge crab requires months of fermenting to get its best flavour. Crabs must be fresh and high-quality to be great.

Ganjang Gejang with saltwater crabs is sweeter and tangier. These crabs are bigger and have heavier flesh. Additionally, crab preparation takes just a week.

The marinating sauce usually covers the crab’s shell and claws. The crab must be well clean before this stage. The crab then receives a generous amount of boiling soy sauce. These food is boiled three times before being ready for ingestion.

According to Gyuhap Chongseo, fermented fish dishes like Gejang date back to the 17th century. Gejang was a culinary gem during the Joseon Dynasty. As a banchan, it was a side dish at royal feasts for generations.

South Korea’s Respect for Ganjang Gejang

In South Korea, Ganjang Gejang is the best food. This famous dish is serve at several restaurants, including Gunsook Jung’s Honglim Banchan. In South Korea’s busy Gwangjang Market, Honglim Banchan’s cuisine was featured on Netflix’s “Street Food Asia.”

Gunsook Jung’s grandma founded her restaurant in 1952, a touching story. In the chaotic aftermath of battle, food became the first concern. Without refrigeration, food preserved by fermentation.

Her grandmother’s jeotgal-based meals were so popular that they continued serving these food for generations.

Ganjang Gejang’s Widespread

Explore Ganjang Gejang: South Korea's Viral Raw Crab Dish

One could ask whether a vacation to South Korea is necessary to sample Ganjang Gejang, a gastronomic craze in South Korea. Interestingly, numerous Jakarta eateries provide the food. This delicious meal is usually serve in real Korean eateries.

Namo Korean Seafood BBQ is one. In addition to seafood BBQ, tourists may enjoy the food. Namo offers both the original and Yangnyeom Gejang versions.

Interestingly, these food may be enjoy at home. How? By ordering a Kimchi Heaven marinated crab box. This service offers fresh, plump crabs with roe. Furthermore, these crabs have been carefully clean and prepare for eating to maintain freshness and flavour.

Halo Seoul is a notable the food eating hotspot. These food at Halo Seoul has preserved its culinary skill while modernising the flavours. Among Korean cuisine places, Halo Seoul is well-known.

The Allure of Ganjang Gejang

Its unique flavour attracts many to Ganjang Gejang. These food, despite its rawness, does not smell fishy. Instead, delicate crab flesh and crab roe highlight its complex flavour.

Despite the gastronomic joys and savoury sensations, halal compatibility may arise. Indonesia’s Islamic affairs authority, LPPOM MUI, has clarified this. These food is halal if not coupled with non-halal flavours or components. This halal status comes from the crab, the main component.

The Mysterious “Bapdoduk”

When researching Ganjang Gejang, one gets the odd moniker “bapdoduk.” Laughably translated, it means “rice thief.” This name is a compliment to the dish’s allure. Moreover, these food is irresistible with rice, producing an everlasting circle of gastronomic pleasure.

In conclusion

Ganjang Gejang represents South Korean cuisine. Its transformation from raw crab to a savoury, umami-rich delicacy via fermentation exemplifies Korean culinary prowess. These food represents South Korea’s rich past and appeals to foodies worldwide beyond its flavour. And then, Ganjang Gejang welcomes you to a memorable gastronomic journey in a crowded South Korean market or at home.